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Welcome to teach4life

You are a pre- or in-service STEM teacher. Are you looking for useful and inspiring impressions, ideas and information about career options, possibilities for collaboration and exchange or do you want to develop your teaching and classroom management competences?

teach4life offers attractive career options for STEM teachers, serve as a platform for collaboration and exchange with teachers across Europe and gives you inspiration for your teaching.


What is teach4life?

teach4life is an online platform for prospective STEM teachers and young as well as experienced practising STEM teachers. The aim of the platform is to increase the attractiveness of the STEM teaching profession in Europe by initiating dialogues between STEM teachers and connecting future and practicing STEM teachers.

We want to support you at all stages of your career and profession. Are you looking for new ideas for teaching? Would you like to exchange ideas with colleagues or are you interested in career opportunities in your profession? Then the teach4life platform is the right place for you. We offer you information about career opportunities, a digital network for STEM teachers and impulses for your teaching.


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STEM teachers' careers can develop in different directions, both inside and outside school. We show you the many possibilities and provide background information on the individual career profiles. Interviews with colleagues offer impressions and show you a comprehensive picture of career opportunities for STEM teachers.

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Our discussion platforms give you the opportunity to network with colleagues and share your experiences. Are you looking for contacts for career opportunities, do you want to share experiences with specific teaching approaches or pedagogical issues? Exchange ideas with colleagues and STEM education stakeholders.

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Are you looking for inspiration for modern STEM teaching or ideas to develop your lessons further? In the competence area you will find many suggestions and teaching materials for your lessons. In addition to current issues in STEM teaching, we show you new pedagogical and didactic methods that you can implement in your lessons.

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Our Mission

Outline variety of career options in STEM education:

Besides teaching in the classroom, there is a variety of career options for STEM teachers, both vertically and horizontally. The platform provides inspiring information and shows role models pursuing various possible STEM teaching career pathways.

Promote exchange and collaboration of STEM teachers:

Mutual learning, exchange and collaboration build an important part in day-to-day STEM teaching. The platform integrates teachers in Europe’s STEM education network by linking STEM teachers at various career stages, from different schools and countries.

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Provide up to date teaching materials and educational offers:

The platform offers pre- and in-service teachers possibilities to further develop their competences. It outlines various professional development possibilities to encourage and enable teachers to advance through workshops on innovative pedagogies and stimulating videos on classroom tasks.

Logos of ICSE and teach4life
Logos of ICSE and teach4life

About us

ICSE (International Centre for STEM Education) is an internationally connected research centre that is located at the University of Education in Freiburg, Germany. The ultimate aim of ICSE is to improve STEM education across Europe through practice-related research and its transfer into practice.

The teach4life platform emerges from the international project 3C4life. 3C4life (2021-2024) stands for “Perspectives for Lifelong STEM Teaching – Career Guidance, Collaborative Practice and Competence Development”. The project is an EU-funded three years programme (2021- 2024), which aims to raise the attractiveness of teacher profession and to systemically improve STEM education at European and national level.

3C4life gathers twelve partners from six European countries. In each country an educational authority is teaming up with a research partner to operate in close connection with systemic levels of education in each country.

You can find further information about the project 3C4life here.

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