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Cooperation and exchange

Exchange and collaboration are important aspects of the work of today‘s STEMS teachers. The STEM Collaboration and Exchange Platform creates learning communities and gives pre-service and in-service STEM teachers the opportunity to exchange experiences and access colleagues in their countries as well as within Europe. Pre-service teachers can learn from experienced in-services teachers. In-service teachers can operate as ambassadors of STEM education and can share their knowledge about day-to-day teaching, how to deal with challenges in STEM teaching and their careers.

Have a try, get in contact with international STEM teachers and learn from each other.

The platform is divided into two parts:

Within the first part “International STEM Education Platform” you can discuss with STEM teachers from Europe about challenges and developments in STEM teaching.

In the "STEM Education Country section", you can get together with STEM teachers in six countries (Germany, Lithuania, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Turkey) and exchange experiences in their national languages.

Dutch discussion board German discussion board Lithuanian discussion board Portuguese discussion board Spanish discussion board Turkish discussion board