Discover how Teach4Life's platform supports Spanish teachers with practical STEM resources and courses, aligning with the new curriculum and fostering collaborative, skill-enhancing teaching methods.

Competence section linked to the curriculum is a meaningful resource for teacher professional development (TDP) in Spain.

The curriculum is always an imperative to follow in the teaching daily practice. Therefore, it is key for teachers that educational resources and TPD programs are linked to these legislation requirements. In the case of Spain we live in changing times for teachers in terms of curriculum adaptations and the teach4life platform is a great chance to pave the way towards an efficient approach to the new Spanish curriculum.

The teach4life platform, developed within the Erasmus+ 3C4life project, offers a broad variety of competence resources to address STEM in the classroom through different enriching teaching methodologies: authentic contexts, socio-scientific issues and inquiry-based learning. These resources have been designed by experts from different STEM fields following guidelines based on research evidence to increase students engagement and learning are perfectly aligned with the requirement of the new Spanish curriculum for teaching programming conceptualized in the term “learning situations”.

In a specific TDP course linked to the teach4life platform, teachers in Spain explored these competence resources and adapted them to learning situations by considering a curricular framework. They created their own competence materials (learning situations) and shared them with their colleagues to receive/give improvement feedback. This task contributed to promote teachers' design skills and teaching competences, in fact, the competence material available in the teach4life platform were perceived as highly useful and inspiring for their teaching, so go and get them!