Ocean Titan event & STEM challenge context

Ocean Titan Submarine tours the wreck of the Titanic, which tragically sank in 1912 used for the operation of a small submarine. 

The technical data we know about Titan is a five-person submarine operated by OceanGate, Inc. The 6.7 metre (22 ft) long (6.7 m), 10,432 kg (23,000 lb) ship is made of carbon fibre and titanium.

There are various rumours about the sinking of this ship. Some of these rumours are based on scientific grounds, while others are conspiracy theories.  For example; Rear Admiral John Mauger of the US Coast Guard said that there was a 'catastrophic ship explosion' and stated that it was too early to say the time and place of the explosion.

Submarine expert Hankin said, "We will do our best to determine exactly what happened down there."

So can this topic create a context for STEM classes? Why not?

How can the air remaining in the submarine be calculated? How many M2 is the space allocated for one person? What is the relationship between pressure and buoyancy?  How about creating STEM tasks in the light of these questions.

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