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Share your project ideas, materials and results of your Open Schooling project!
2 Last Post 2023-02-21, 12:00:00 By Sabine - Age: 1 year
The manual and the pedagogical guideline should facilitate the implementation of Open Schooling projects. What is useful? What is ...
2 Last Post 2023-02-21, 11:59:10 By Sabine - Age: 1 year
Do you have some connections with EU position documents?
mbilek 0 Last Post 2023-01-25, 14:07:11 By mbilek - Age: 1 year
How did you integrate your project idea into the classroom? Did you work across subjects?
3 Last Post 2023-01-25, 13:57:50 By mdoorman - Age: 1 year
What topics were addressed in your project, how was it carried out, and with whom? Present your Open Schooling project and inspire...
1 Last Post 2023-01-25, 13:56:36 By Monicawij - Age: 1 year
How did you draw attention to the results of your Open Schooling project? Share your presentations, posters, videos....
0 Last Post 2022-10-11, 15:21:47 By - Age: 2 yrs
How did you engage external stakeholders (parents, neighbors, representatives of the city, from academia or business, NGOs, etc.) ...
0 Last Post 2022-10-11, 14:59:19 By - Age: 2 yrs
Open Schooling brings together different stakeholders (students, teachers, external stakeholders) to work together at eye level. H...
0 Last Post 2022-10-11, 14:58:53 By - Age: 2 yrs
Are you looking for other projects to network with? Write here what you are looking for!
0 Last Post 2022-10-11, 14:58:27 By - Age: 2 yrs
Have you already carried out an Open Schooling project? What are your experiences? What challenges did you face? And how did you o...
0 Last Post 2022-10-11, 14:56:46 By - Age: 2 yrs

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